I?ve been driving up and down the M4 ever since it was builtin the early seventies but over the last two or three years the bit coming into from London from Reading has just got worse and worse, both ways. What the _ _ _ _ do whoever has dreamed this up think they are doing and God knows how much money is being squandered on this. Really, it is totally outrageous waste of time and money but worse than that it has simply made the road worse than it already was. Not only have there been continual roadworks with traf more fic speeds reduced to 50 for the last 3 years but what has been done is so crass its enough to make you despair. Driving into London now I feel like a turkey tied into a jig on my way into the abbattoir. Theyve replaced the central reservation thing with an endless featureless concrete wall, there are endless numbers of steel gantrees leant over the road prusamably for endless amounts of useless signage, theyve replaced the break down lane with a black asphalt lane and put steel crash barriers right next to it so that if you do break down, there is no escape and the cars, lorries, trucks will just ram straight into the back of you. It feels ugly and oppressive, all thats missing is the barbed wire. There are surveillance cameras everywhere and camera signs warning you not to exceed the speed limit which is now set at 50mph.

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