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  Jun 28 2022


If there was one simple rule of thumb that would change house building for the better it would be:


Let's face it we have lost our way when it comes to building houses nowadays. How/when did we go wrong? It was the Industrialisation of the building process. We need to return to the use of natural materials sourced locally if we want to blend in and harmonise with our natural surroundings. Cast concrete products are quite simply not th e same as natural stone. Natu More-Touch-Click

ral stone has a deep ancient spiritual quality that cannot be measured, it's use connects us with nature in deep and meaningful ways. Modern buildings of steel, glass and concrete alienate us from our natural surroundings and cause stress, unhappiness and a disconnect from our natural purpose in life.


MB37   Jun 28 2022


Connecting with people in the area around you and beyond!


  Jun 28 2022


To understand what?s is going on regarding the war between Russia and the Ukraine you have to dig deeper. In particular you have to look at the history of the Jewish People in the area for although many left for the States, more than 2 Million between 1880 and 1920 and a further 2 Million to USA and Israel after 1970, the history goes back to Medieval times.

You have to do your own research. Salient background factors are the Bolsheviks, the Russian Revolution and the gradual ending of Communism after the death of S More-Touch-Click

talin. But really there are so many factors it can?t be explained in a few paragraphs.

Everything was owned by the state under Communism and when it finally cracked in 1991 the Soviet republics broke away from Russia (during and after Yeltzin) and virtually all the assets of the state were effectively looted by what became the oligarchs.

Returning to the build up to the current war in Ukraine, it really is very complicated and mainly in the making by people with Jewish connections so it is difficult to talk about objectively. This is the outcome of my thinking on the war. There is a faction in the States, the Neocons, made up of Christian and Jewish people who back the state of Israel and who now want to weaken Russia because it has been supporting Middle Eastern countries such as Syria against the Israelis.

Zelenski backer Billionaire Ihor Kolomoyskiy

Funded Zelenskiy film and backed him politically

There are now barely any Jewish people left in the former Soviet Union.

Russia: 150,000, Ukraine: 50,000, Bellaruss: 20,000, Baltic states: 20,000, Transcaucasia: 50,000, Asian republics: 10,000. Is this true?

Current Jewish people in Former Soviet union 300,000. There has been an exodus from the FSU since the 70?s when people were first allowed to go.

There are 6 Million in Israel, 6 M in USA, 180,000 in UK.

Pop USA is 240 M. 2.5%, pop Russia 160 M 0.1% 1 in 1000

What was the Jewish population in Ussr in 1970. Soviet Census says 2.2 M out of a total pop 250 M of which 130 Million were ethnic Russian, 40 M Ukrainian, 10M Bellarusse, 10 M Tartars, 10M Uzbecs, 10M Azeri ++

Dramatic reduction in Russian Jews from 1970 -now 1.3 M to 150,000 also from Ukraine.

The J?s have looted Russia?s assets and emigrated to The usa and Israel. There are barely any J people left in former USSR now. - in order to extract the bountifull resources need to take over the country from the outside.

Oligarch list

Roman Abramovich j

Eugene Shvidler j friend of A with yacht

Mikhail Fridman j from Lviv Ukraine property in UK

German Khan j oil company Israel citizen property in UK

Alexi Kuzmichev j mates with Fridman 2 yachts

Pyotr Aven j? Alpha Bank property in UK friend of Fridman

Alexy Mordachov r? Steel yachts

Vadim Moshkovich ?

Alexander Ponomarenko ports/airports

Dmitry Pumpyansky metal plants in Urals then pipe factory yacht in Gib

Victor Rachnikov steel

Leonid Siminovsky in russian government Duma

Alicher Usmanov uzbek


MB blog   Jun 28 2022


"When exposing a crime is treated as commiting a crime, you are being ruled by criminals." Edward Snowden

Both Snowden and Assange have revealed crimes committed by the United States Government that they didm't want people to know about! The US Government continues to commit crimes that it tries to keep secret.

One of the crimes it is committing at the moment is the proxy war against Russia that involves the death of many people in the Ukraine and the destruction of thousands of houses, shops, and businesses


MB blog   Jun 28 2022

Given the current propensity for agonising about global warming (at the same as enjoying the benefits of gas fired central heating, electricity and petrol ) I wish people would spare a moment and agonise about the quality of the new buildings which are currently blotting the landscape (of what could be a beautiful world if we harmonised with nature instead of dominating it ). Talk about barking up the wrong tree, it?s not just the ugliness of the factory made building components used to build these houses it?s the total dependanc More -Touch-Click

e on an urban system supplying the gas, electricity and so on connected by asphalt roads covered with cars so that people are chained into a dependency system based on the modern urban, industrial state rather than seeking succour in the nature surrounding us.

It is for this reason i.e. the spread of modern housing estates like a cancerous growth over the countryside, that many years ago I wrote the Architectural Muse. The purpose of the Architectural Muse was and still would be, to set in place a system that encourages design excellence in modern building at the same time as making improvements to the planning process. The name refers to the muse at the Oracle in Delphi because in the same way that the muse could advise on the best way forward in the current situation the Architectural Muse would do the same regarding the design and construction of a new building.

Inherent in the Architectural Muse are numerous principles and filters that should generally be approved of by an aspiring public at large and which when applied would improve the quality of new building applications and consequently the evolving environment.


MB37   Apr 09 2022


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